Owen & Noah
Team Profile
Members Owen
Gender Male (Owen and Noah)
Age 19 (Owen and Noah)
Voiced By Scott McCord (Owen)
Carter Hayden (Noah)
Relation Best Friends


Legs Competed 18
Placement 8th

Owen & Noah are The Reality TV Pros competing in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

Personality Edit

Owen Edit

Owen is fun-loving, and is always willing to spend time with his little buddy, Noah. He loves Izzy. He is psyched to compete and travel around the world and meet new people he's also ready to eat/fart any time.

Noah Edit

Noah is snarky, cynical, and believes that he and his partner, Owen, will not be able to win the Race.Noah loves Emma. But he will not turn down an opportunity to travel around the world.

Season 1 Edit

Race History Edit

In None down, Eighteen to go part 1 Noah mentions he has his eye on the money but when Owen mentions food Noah seems to be angry at Owen.

In French is an Eiffel language they get a penalty due to Owen eating their cheese raft which almost gets them eliminated.

In 'A Tisket, A Tasket, I'm Gonna Blow A Gasket', Noah develops a crush on Emma and in 'Hawaii Honeyruin'. Owen thinks Noah is 'dying' but when Kitty explains Noah likes Emma the two start trying to get them together in 'Hello and Dubai'.

Episodic placing Edit

  • Episode 1: 6th
  • Episode 2: 8th
  • Episode 3: 16th (Received 20-minuttime penalty)
  • Episode 4: 2nd
  • Episode 5: 4th
  • Episode 6: 12th
  • Episode 7: 2nd
  • Episode 8: 4th
  • Episode 9: 2nd
  • Episode 10: 3rd
  • Episode 11: 11th
  • Episode 12: 6th
  • Episode 13: 5th
  • Episode 14: 6th
  • Episode 15: 9th (Last Place) (Non-Elimination)
  • Episode 16: 8th
  • Episode 17: 4th
  • Episode 18: 8th (Eliminated)

Videos Edit

Memorable Moments Edit

  • They were almost elimnated in both 'French is an Eiffel Language' and again in 'I love Ridonc and Roll'.
  • Noah developed a crush on Emma in Season 1 Episode 7, 'A Tisket, A Tasket, I'm Gonna Blow A Gasket".
  • They formed an alliance with the Sisters in Dubai,You might find that in Episode 9, 'Hello and Dubai' with the Sisters.
  • Owen and Kitty started trying to get Noah and Emma together since 'Hello and Dubai'.


  • Noah and Owen along with Leonard and Geoff are the only competitors to be from past Total Drama seasons.


Kitty & Emma


Jacques & Josee

Owen and Noah mostly come second to Jacques and Josee.