Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race preludes the 6th season of Total Drama. It was confirmed by Julie Giles via Facebook.




  • This season will be a parody of The Amazing Race.
    • Like The Amazing Race, contestants in Ridonculous Race will compete in teams of two.
  • Julie Giles has hinted that this season will be a mixture of multiple generations of characters.
  • Kristin Fairlie, Bridgette's voice actor, will be returning this season to voice a character named Carrie.
    • On December 30, Carrie and her partner Devin's character design were revealed via Fresh TV Blog.
  • The season will be a mix of both new and returning contestants.
  • Julie Giles has confirmed that this will be a spin-off series, and not a new Total Drama season.
    • However, it will take place in the same universe.
  • The Ridonculous Race will air on Teletoon and Cartoon Network sometime in 2015. (Fall).
  • The season will be produced by Alex Ganetakos.
  • Chad Hicks will return as the director.
  • Terry McGurrin is set to write the screenplay.
  • This marks the return of the 26-episode seasons.
  • This season will be hosted by the new host Don.